Zerg Strategy

The Roach Rush is a Zerg strategy to wipe out an opponent before they can do anything!  After your spawning pool is complete, get a  roach infestation going and send them towards your enemy.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to this strategy.

Advantages of the Zerg Roach Rush Strategy in Starcraft 2
Obviously, the greatest advantage is to take out the other player quickly, we're talking a few minutes, by rushing them with roaches.  It’s not as effective if you’re on a larger team with the help of allies, but it can still take out one enemy quickly - quicker if you rush with the help of a teammate.

Another great advantage with this is using it as a tactic before you deploy your real strategy.  It could strain your resources, but it could leave an enemy totally confused about your plan of attack -  it also leaves them them confused about their own resource gathering and economy. This is an advantage if you implement your offensive strategy immediately after wards.  A few roaches can frustrate an enemy if you can micro manage them properly.

Usually this is a game-winning strategy, but it could leave you vulnerable...

Disadvantages of Zerg Roach Rush in Starcraft 2
If you are up against a good enemy, or an experienced veteran, they'll counter your attack and essentially you'll lose.

Why? Your economy will be out of whack by trying the Roach Rush, and you may not be able to recover if your attack or tactic did not work.

If you are on a team, while you are attacking your enemy with a Roach Rush, it’s very possible that somebody powers up for a mid game attack on your base.  You will be powerless since you’ve spent your early game resources and time into the Roach Rush to attack.

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