Protoss Strategy

I’m letting you in on the important things you need to know for a High Templar strategy.  This will give you the best methods for using them effectively.

High Templar Basic Information
High Templars are from the Protoss, and you can use them to inflict lots of damage to support other units.  They are usually a support class, but they are extremely effective when used properly.  High Templars are casters without any attacks. Using their Psionic Storm, their greatest weapon, will require you to do research.

High Templars
You can use High Templars against "light" infantry with amazing results. The Psionic Storm wipes out units easily when they’re grouped together.

What kills High Templars?
You should avoid Ghosts, Colossi, Zealots, and Roaches.  They can take your High Templar’s attacks because they are considered "heavy," and that’s going to be the problem when you try and keep them alive.

High Templar Build Order & How to Use Them In A Rush
At your 9th supply, build a Pylon, then a Gateway at the 13th supply.  When on your14th supply, start getting gas by getting an assimilator running. t your15th supply, build another Pylon.  At 16, get a Cybernetics core, and at 17 continue obtaining gas.

Now you can research the Psionic Storm ability from the Templar Archives and start building them out.

Remember that they are really good against lighter infantry and bad against heavier ones, so take out their early groups of infantry first.  Players normally build lots of lighter units at the beginning, so you can wipe them out with this strategy.

And remember to protect your High Templars against heavy enemy units!

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