Terran Strategy

Playing as Terran?  Here are some Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg tips you should take with you into multiplayer online.

Against the Zerg
I’m going to fill you in about the Zerg to cut down on a lot of your losses while battling them.

To “Zerg” means to overrun and naturally, the Zerg race’s ability to invade and attack you with a large numbers of units is what they're meant to do.

So, if you let the Zerg build up an army, you’re going to lose.  If the game goes on too long, you'll also lose.  How do you stop the Zerg then?  Take away their resource gathering abilities if the game drags on or keep attacking.  If you stall at any point, you will be “Zerged” and massacred by their ridiculously high number of Zerglings and Banelines and all the other things that sprout from their infestations.

The Best Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy
A marine rush on the Zerg is the first thing you should attempt. To do this, you need to build the academy as fast as possible.  You want medics and stim packs also.  Marines with medics can easily take out the Zerg early in the game.  This allows Terran to control the game from the start.

Don't forget that if you're only postponing your main attack you are giving them time to build an army. So, disrupt their economy so they can’t get upgrade and Zerg you if you have a second plan of attack.

If they have Lairs, Build Missile Turrets
If your scouts see Lairs, Missile Turrets will need to be in place.
You shouldn't let them build Lairs in the first place, but if its come to that, you need to start attacking.  Keep going at their resources and units and do not let them build armies.  You’ll lose if you don't keep attacking.

Destroy their expansions quickly.  A weak Zerg economy doesn't support their swarms so you’ll have control of the game by destroying them. Keep pumping out infantry and keep attacking!  Sounds easy, but hard to do sometimes!

You need to have your hot keys down to build fast and efficiently.  Shokz guide tells you everything you need to know about hotkeys and what is the most effective way to use them to be quicker and more deadly.

Using A Step-by-Step Strategy Guide To Win Your Battles As Terran
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