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Terran Building Tips & Rally Points

  • Turning on "Show Building Grids" in the options can help with your ramp block ins.
  • When stacking Factories on top of each other, ensure 2 squares are open to the right of their addon to ensure Thors can get out if it is produced above the tech lab.
  • Raising a Supply Depot will force allied units standing on it to move aside. Enemy units will prevent the action.
  • Holding Shift when building Supply Depots can really speed up the process.
  • To get your units to spawn inside the wall instead of outside of it set your rally point for entering the base.
  • Your buildings are mobile! Don't build out in the field where they will be vulnerable, build in your safest area and then move your building to its new location. Check out general tips below for how this can also be used as a raw battle tactic.

General TERRAN Combat Tips & Strategies

  • Tactic: Factory dropping can give you a huge advantage. Build your factories in a safe area, then drop them around and behind your opponents base, unleash some Hellions and giggle at the carnage.
  • Queuing up attack commands with Siege Tanks will allow them to conserve their fire and not waste all shots on just one unit.
  • MULEs have an unlimited cast range but they can only be cast in a visible area. Useful for scouting, repairs, and supplying fresh expansions.
  • Don’t nuke buildings unless you have more than one nuke available. If you only have one, go for units (including burrowed ones!)
  • Units can be loaded into transports in order to avoid the effects of a Ghost's EMP.
  • You can only EMP the opponent's orbital command before dropping a nuke. If it's their only means of detection this can definitely improve your chances of success.
  • SCVs can only loaded into a 'Command Center' or 'Orbital Command' by clicking the Load button from the Command Center. This will load the five closest SCVs.
  • Tactic: Midgame rush 4-6 Hellions to your opponents base in medvacs, they will quickly chew through workers and destroy your opponents economy. It is suggested as a midgame tactic due to risk versus reward. As an early game tactic it wouldn't phase your opponents economy as much, as an end game tactic it is almost pointless. Mid-game is when this strike hurts the most and will give you a greater advantage. In addition to severely damaging your opponents economy this will usually drive your opponent to turtle.

Playing as Terran Versus Zerg

  • Keep mobile and on the offensive. Turtling into your base against the Zerg will get you slaughtered in a hurry. Get your mechs onto the offensive at their base to keep your opponents hands tied.
  • Have a Raven traveling with all units on the move, this will ensure you can pick off creep tumors with ease en route.
  • Team up a Raven with a Banshee for some creep tumor patrols to help keep the Zerg off your doorstep.
  • Build and Expand towards the Zerg base, your units are painfully immobile in comparison to the Zerg armies but this can be combated by building wall upon wall of those clunky hard-hitting mechs and tanks between your bases. Building away from the Zerg base isn't going to save you any skin. They will come for you and they will overrun you with great ease if you aren't ready to cut their numbers on the way.
  • Stay a step ahead of the game and slow down the zegling rush. Build a wall protecting your base and mineral nodes by carefully placing your bunkers, barracks, and supply depots in a protective formation.

Playing as Terran Versus Protoss

  • Early on load up on Marines, your Protoss opponent will almost assuredly rush a Void Ray to your base. Without Marines that Ray will cause extreme damage, you Marines can easily tear down Void Rays.
  • Always leave a unit of 5-10 Marines with a Ghost at your base for defense. They may be fragile but they are extremely handy.
  • Thors will default to their GtA attack against Colossus if their GtG attack is out of range. 

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Zerg Building Tips & Rally Points

  • Nydus Worms can have their own rally points. They can even be used to manually and safely mine from a separate mineral spot.
  • Zerg Hatcheries have two rally points which can be assigned. One rallies Drones while the second rally point sets the destination of any other unit. Each will automatically be set based on if you click on a resource or not.
  • Hatcheries can all be assigned to the same control group so that when the Larvae is selected for setting up a rally point it will select every Hatchery's Larvae simultaneously.
  • Each Zerg egg can be given its own rally point.
  • Queens by default do not have a rally point

General Combat Tips & Strategies as Zerg

  • When a Nydus Worm erupts from the ground everyone can hear the announcement even if they don't see the origin of the Nydus Worm.
  • The Overlord's Creep Drop ability can be toggled. When activate the Overlord will always drop creep unless it is in transit.
  • Overlord troop dropping has no announcement noise, very useful for stealthy attacks and expanding on islands.
  • An Infestor can be instructed to move to a location, burrow, move to another location while still burrowed, un-burrow, cast two Infested Marines, and then sneak out again all in one go.
  • Build Nydus Canals in your expansions. This allows quick back-up against attacks
  • Protect your Overlord's! Do not place them in the very back rank where they can easily be flanked, it is also the first place people look when hunting them.
  • Keep your creep creeping, in addition to speeding your travel time by 30% your enemies can not build on it. You can screw your opponent by getting your creep up on those precious mineral nodes blocking them from building around them.
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Protoss Building Tips & Rally Points

  • Holding Shift when building Pylons can really speed up the process while also allowing you to see the estimated pylon fields to plan coverage.

Protoss - General Combat Tips & Strategies

  • Carrier Interceptor gets a free shot if they're deployed right in front of their target.
  • An icon in the lower right of your battlefield screen shows how many warp gates are available. You can click on this icon or hit the 'W' key to select all of the Warp Gates.
  • Stalkers can be moved to a cliff, SHIFT and clicked to use Blink once they reach the edge, and continue moving. This helps avoid the situations where Stalkers are ordered to Blink but the ones in the back are too far away to make it over the gap or cliff.

Playing as Protoss Versus Terran

  • A Void Ray can reek some real havoc if you get it to the Terran base, but watch out for Marines when plotting this attack. They take minimal damage from your Ray and inflict a great deal in return.
  • Feedback is most useful against Terrans as many of their units use energy. Prime targets include: Ghost, Medivac, Banshee, Battlecruiser and Thor.
These little tips are just a tiny piece of the pie. If you want the rest of it, you need to Get This Guide!