Starcraft 2: Review and Guide

One of the most anticipated games in the history of PC gaming, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has finally been released to the world after over a decade to the original, legendary, StarCraft.

Starcraft 2 is a worthy sequel, and most definitely lives up to the hype.  Many gamers, new and old, are entering into a world of Real Time Strategy and will be pleased with what StarCraft 2 offers.  Eventually, these gamers will be looking for the best ways to complete the campaigns or to defeat opponents in competitive game-play.

How will they do this? Many turn to guides to fully experience the game, and to have a competitive advantage in multiplayer, they learn the tips, tricks, strategies, and tactics offered. Check out this extremely popular Mastery and Campaign guide for StarCraft 2.

Blizzard's sequel StarCraft2:Wings of Liberty has all the original races : Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. In order to master a race (or all races), it takes countless hours of play time and trial and error, but once you immerse yourself in this game - it doesn't matter what time it is. The only thing that matters is... getting better. Right?

Many say Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty game-play is similar to the original StarCraft, but faster and with new bells and whistles. Faster resource and energy harvesting is interesting in that it makes you feel pressured, making you that much more focused on the game - it's intense!

Newcomers and veterans will be on a learning curve to master this game, however, shortening the time you spend learning the game will be more efficient and you can only do that with a guide.  A guide will show you more in depth Terran Strategies, Zerg Strategies, and Protoss Strategies.  Either way, all will enjoy the amazing graphics and phenomenal game-play.

Those with StarCraft experience know the level of complexity in both the micro and macro strategy during competitive play. To get the best results (winning of course), and to have a better edge in the game, Shokz Guide is truly the best.

Some say the single Player campaign is deep and diverse, and with a hint of an MMO element it seems almost perfect. On the other hand, multiplayer is also almost perfectly balanced. No game is perfect and flawless, but an experienced player will understand that Blizzard spent a lot of time tweaking the game to make it as perfect as possible. There is no doubt Blizzard put a lot of heart into this sequel - StarCraft 2 needed to live up to its predecessor...and it has.

Blizzard includes a Challenge mode which can be viewed as a way to improve your strategy skills before you set out to the intense world of multiplayer online battle.

As great as the campaign for SC2 is, anyone continuing to play this game will end up spending most of their time in multiplayer online competing against other players. The mastery and campaign guide would be extremely helpful here.

Multiplayer online may seem intimidating at first, however, Blizzard's will allow you to go up against another online player of the same ranking. Yes, there is a ranking system.

Once again, it's a good idea to grab a guide for Starcraft 2 in order to have a competitive advantage. Shokz Guide is the best and recommended for everyone. It includes a "how to" in everything from the campaign to a mastery guide for each of the races.

In conclusion, Blizzard has done it again! They have created and added another amazing game to their portfolio. I have no doubt Starcraft 2 will join the other well-known Blizzard titles as one of the greats and will played by the tens of millions around the globe.

I suggest you buy Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty from Amazon here, they don't charge tax and its free shipping! Then use Shokz Starcraft 2 guide and you're going to dominate the game.

Have fun! and Happy Gaming!

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F1restar69 said...

SC2 got rid of LAN capability and it is destroying the way it can be played with a select group. LAN is important for PC gaming. Single player is somewhat boring aside from the nice graphics (if your pc can handle it). blizzard also stuck too much to the first game, adding only a few tweaks. the rating system is kind of messed up going up against more experienced players.

i still like the game nonetheless, lol.

warcraftwarrz said...

this game is great and all but no campaign for zerg and protoss. hopefully blizzard will add those campaigns in an expansion ... but really, forking out another $60 bucks ehhhh they shouldve included it

Anonymous said...

this guide is literally everywhere. there is an alternative guide I also thought was just as helpful: Joanna's Guide.

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